From various types of Christianity to Judaism to Buddhism, these libraries offer an opportunity for religious research.

  1. Hartford Seminary Library. Find books, dissertations, and more on Christian theology here. Some access is restricted to students of the seminary.
  2. Brigham Young University Digital Collections. Click on “Text Collections” for a wide range of available texts including children’s literature, sermons of John Donne, and a huge collection of Mormon literature.
  3. The Divinity Library, Vanderbilt University. Get the revised common lectionary, access their many free databases, and read guides on how to do religious research at this library.
  4. University of California Library Religious Studies. Use research tools, use library guides, and browse through the religious studies collection at this library.
  5. Flora Lamson Hewlett Library. Research with the online databases, take advantage of tutorials, and more at this site.
  6. The Catholic University of America Library. Research religious studies, philosophy, and canon laws at this library.
  7. Ostrow Library at American Jewish University. Search databases, take advantage of suggested links, and more at this library focusing on Jewish culture and civilization.
  8. Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist Studies. Hosted by National Taiwan University Library, this site offers scriptures, tools, and more to help your study of Buddhism.
  9. Al – Islam Digital Library. Discover Islam by browsing through material selected from our Library. A simple guide for those who wish to journey through material available in the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library in order to find out more about Islam as taught by the Prophet and his family.

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