These libraries offer medical information for both the professional and the lay person.

  1. Welch Medical Library. This library, courtesy of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, offers a search feature for articles published in medical journals and online. They also have Subject Guides under the “eResources” section that offers links to topics ranging from Alternative Medicine to Grants and Funding to Writing and Publishing.
  2. The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Care Center. Each page at this site provides a wealth of information explaining about specific types of cancer as well as topics related to cancer such as pain, fatigue, and genetics.
  3. Duke University Medical Center Library Online. Get databases, journals, tutorials, tools, and more at this medical library.
  4. Lamar Soutter Library. Courtesy of University of Massachusetts, this library offers plenty of information for the general public with access levels clearly labeled on most resources.
  5. Michigan Ear Institute Medical Library. Find several articles about diagnosis and treatment of ear issues in this online library intended for both professionals and laypersons.
  6. South Carolina Department of Mental Health. Geared toward both the professional and clients and their families, this site offers a wealth of information from the diagnostic stage to treatment.
  7. Encyclopedia of Psychology. This site run by Jacksonville State University provides links to anything related to psychology. Read about organizations, learn about the major theories, or find out about a career in the field.
  8. Children’s Hospital Boston Interactive Features. Click on these features to make neurons fire, see cell growth as you travel through cancer stages, create red blood cells, and more.
  9. Tufts Open Courseware. Tufts University medical school has put several medical courses online for anyone to access.
  10. Bastyr University. Focusing on natural health medicine, this university library offers a nice database with resources for natural medicine.

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