Practical Hermeneutics is a course designed to help the student develop proper methods of interpreting scripture so as to understand God's message in scripture. To reach this goal, each step of a complete method will be applied in turn to scripture.

“Practical theology is inherently a hermeneutical discipline insofar as it attempts to interpret situations in terms of the presence and action of the Spirit of God with respect to the word of God"

THE113 Introduction to Bible Doctrines  (3)

This course brings a clear understanding to biblical doctrine. Who wrote the Bible, ways to study the Bible, Bible manuscripts, translations, etc., are but a few of the subjects covered in this initial approach.

Course: Christian Apologetics                                                 (4)

Course Number: THE724

ISBN: 0801038227

This is a study of Christian Apologetics for the purpose of equipping the pastor, minister, or lay leader in the defense of the Truths of God.  This study is in three parts: 1) deals with various tests for truth in order to lay a foundation for testing the “truths” of various world views, 2) applies the test for the truth to those views, and 3) works within the theistic view to verify the deity of Jesus and the authority of the Bible