The Master in Education with a specialization in Curriculum Development and Linguistics is a program intended for education professionals seeking an advanced degree that focuses on the effective design, implementation, and evaluation of education strategies in a variety of settings.

This specialization aims to familiarize students with the latest advances in education theory as well as the best methods for identifying learning needs and measuring the effectiveness of different teaching strategies. This program is designed to benefit educators regardless of discipline.

Master in Education - Curriculum Development and Linguistics

Students who complete the online Master's degree in Education with a specialization in Curriculum Development and Linguistics graduate with both a solid understanding of contemporary education theory and specialized knowledge of an array of teaching and learning theories and their practical applications in curriculum design.

In this course we'll discuss the importance of curriculum theory and its specialists in the current debate on school curriculum. After a short account on the evolution of the field of curriculum studies, we'll delve into the critique and normative aspects of curriculum theory, suggesting that these two objectives have been separated, much to the demise of both of them. Next, when defending education as a practical and specialized activity, we suggest that the curriculum theory unite both aspects and regard the curriculum as a form of specialized knowledge

3 Semester Credits

Course Description

1. Course Description: You will learn how to accelerate student learning by applying Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory to instruction and activities for your classroom. You will survey Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory through text, audio and video. With this foundation in place, you will be guided through practical application. You will learn how to teach and assess the eight distinct intelligence and accelerate learning for every student in your classroom. You will take away an array of teaching strategies for each intelligence. By the end of the course, you will have lesson designs and plans/integrated units that have students using a wide range of multiple intelligence to become powerful learners.