BUS313 Case Study Methodology in Business Research

Description. Research Methods for Business: A Skill-Building Approach is a concise and straightforward introduction for students to the world of business research. The skill-building approach provides students with practical perspectives on how research can be applied in real business situations.

This accessible guide provides clear, practical explanations of key research methods in business studies, presenting a step-by-step approach to data collection, analysis and problem solving. Readers will learn how to formulate a research question, choose an appropriate research method, argue and motivate, collect and analyse data, and present findings in a logical and convincing manner. The authors evaluate various qualitative and quantitative methods and their consequences, guiding readers to the most appropriate research design for particular questions. Furthermore, the authors provide instructions on how to write reports and dissertations in a clearly structured and concise style. Now in its fifth edition, this popular textbook includes new and dedicated chapters on data collection for qualitative research, qualitative data analysis, data collection for quantitative research, multiple regression, and additional methods of quantitative analysis. Cases and examples have been updated throughout, increasing the applicability of these research methods across various situations.

Course Title: Exploring Business (3-hour)

Course Number: BUS203

Course Text: Exploring Business, v. 2.0

By: Karen Collins

ISBN: 978-1-4533-3241-2 

Description:  This course introduce students to business using an exciting and integrated cases ebThrough an in-depth study of a real company, students learn about the functional areas of business and how these areas fit together. Studying a dynamic organization on a real-time basis allows students to discover the challenges that it faces, and exposes them to critical issues affecting the business, such as globalization, ethics and social responsibility, product innovation, diversity, supply chain management, and e-business.

Course Title: Principles of Management                                        (3-hour)

Course Number: PMG213

Course Text: Principles of Management, v. 2.0

By: Mason Carpenter, Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan and Jeremy Short

ISBN: 978-1-4533-5447-6

Description: Principles of Management show students how leaders and leadership are essential to pmgpersonal and organizational effectiveness and effective organizational change. Students are increasingly active as leaders at an early age, and are sometimes painfully aware of the leadership failings they see in public and private organizations. It is the leader and leadership that combine the principles of management (the artist's palette, tools, and techniques) to create the art of management.

Course Title: BUC223 Business Communication for Success     (3-hour)

Course Number: BUC223

Course Text: Business Communication for Success, v. 1.0

By: Scott McLean

ISBN: 978-1-4533-2742-5 

Description: This course is suited for Business Communication courses taught to students interested bucin business administration, but is also appropriate for Business English, Business Presentation, Professional Communication courses. Students will learn a lot form this course.

There are various types of qualitative research methods, such as interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research, content analysis, and case study research, that are widely used. Such methods are of very high importance in business research as they enable the researcher to understand the consumer.

It is a systematic empirical investigation using statistical, mathematical, or computational techniques. Such methods usually start with data collection and then proceed to statistical analysis using various methods.